Wildtech Online Collectors


Your plants are packed in heavy duty cartons and sent via Australia Post on Monday or Tuesday. The cartons have tracking codes which allow the plants to be traced if they don’t arrive on the expected day.

Victorian customers should normally receive their plants by Wednesday, and New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland usually deliver on Thursday or Friday. Northern Territory, Tasmanian and West Australian customers should contact us before purchasing plants for advice regarding postage, treatment and inspection costs.

Our standard carton holds up to 35 plants and when full weighs over 3 Kg. For big orders we have a special large carton which can hold up to 112 plants and weighs approximately 12 Kg when full.

Post and packing charges

Standard carton  A.C.T, NSW, QLD, S.A, VIC      $16.50

Large carton         ACT, NSW, QLD, S.A, VIC        $33-00 

Our nursery is not open on weekends and public holidays. If you want to pick up your plants in person please contact us on 0428480317 or collectorsonline@wildtechnursery.com.au